Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Margaret Nock of "Knit 1 for the Road" Fame

Welcome to our first ever Interview! I am pleased to introduce Margaret Nock, author of "Knit 1 for the Road". I first had the pleasure of meeting Marg through Ravelry, the online knit and crochet community. She is such an awesome business woman and talented lady! Her favorite thing is sharing her love of knitting and it shows in her new book! She takes her knitting everywhere with her, and that's exactly what inspired her to write "Knit 1 for the Road". Visit Knit 1 for the Road for Knit/Crochet Info, Video Links, Resources, Fun Links, Reader Gallery, Updates on "Knit 1 for the Road", and ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE FOR KNIT/CROCHET!
I recently purchased a copy of her book along with a kit through her Etsy site, Margknittinaround, the place to find "Knit 1 for the Road", patterns, kits, and more! Here's a photo of the whole "Kit and Kaboodle" that I received from her.

You will even find signed copies of her book there. Please do pay her a visit and tell her that CafeCrochet sent you! ;)

And now without further ado. Let's welcome Marg to the Interview!

Hi Marg! It's a wonderful privilege to have you here with us at Cafe Crochet! Welcome!

CafeCrochet: Do you knit, crochet, or do both?

Marg: I do both and find it helps to make garments unique if you can add a nice crochet edging or combine knit and crochet in one project somehow.

CafeCrochet: How long have you been knitting?

Marg: Many, many years. My sister, Lea, was patient enough to start teaching me one summer when I was 8. I have a dedication to her and all the wise, crafty women who have come before us in Knit 1 for the Road.

CafeCrochet: What inspires your work/patterns/etc...?

Marg: I’m very inspired by color and texture, as are most knitters and crocheters. I see the yarn, and the pattern comes later. Many ideas come from nature, my current urban surroundings and a feel for the next trend.

CafeCrochet: Is there a famous knitter/crocheter that you admire and why?

Marg: Mary Walker Phillips was a fiber artist that really brought knitting to an art form and paved the way for many of us. That was the beginning of the revolution to destroy the myth that knitting and crochet could not be considered art. As an art student, I found her courage very inspiring. I admire many of the younger knitters and crocheters for pushing boundaries, creating community, and having a fresh point of view. The future of knitting and crochet is in good hands.

CafeCrochet: What would you say is your favorite type of yarn to work with?

Marg: Right now, I really like Filatura Di Crosa, any Noro, or Rowan yarn. I also like Rachel-Marie’s yarn ( I have a project for her yarn in Knit 1 for the Road called Babies, Bobbles and More and one for Filatura Di Crosa called Wowza Wrist Warmers.

CafeCrochet: What type of needle do you prefer using?

Marg: I use bamboo most of the time, but it really depends on the yarn. I think you really just have to try different kinds and use what’s comfortable and affordable for you.

CafeCrochet: Any favorite projects that you enjoy knitting or crocheting?

Marg: I make many projects for my step daughters. They are my critics. If it passes their hipster test- it’s a winner. Scarves, hats, gloves, and wraps are my favorite. I’ve also made many totes and backpacks.

CafeCrochet: Was there a particular reason that inspired you to write your fabulous book?

Marg: The move to Pittsburgh in the winter, starting the blog, and receiving so many emails asking for knitting help led me to write Knit 1 for the Road. I wanted to create a basic portable book of patterns that could be used over and over as the knitter developed skills. A book that would help the beginner with construction, tension, and resources. The intermediate and advanced knitter could take the patterns and embellish them. I also wanted to include tips, resources and options for each project. I thought a lot about what I really needed as a knitter who traveled and took my knitting everywhere.

CafeCrochet: Do you have a favorite yarn color?

Marg: Periwinkle! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming)

CafeCrochet: Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting?

Marg: I like making my own wrapping paper and cards. Painting is still something I enjoy.

CafeCrochet: Do you have a guilty pleasure? (chocolate, reality TV, etc...)

Marg: Right now it would have to be paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters, The Gilmore Girls still rock in syndication, and of course chocolate of any kind.

CafeCrochet: Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think our readers might find odd or interesting. (This is a fun one!)

Marg: I’m crazy about my two yorkies, Molly and Max, I love to collect beautiful tarot card decks, and my yarn stash is ridiculous!

CafeCrochet: Is there anything that I haven't covered that you would like to share with us about yourself or your work?

Marg: These were all soul searching questions! You really know how to interview. I would like to encourage your readers to keep their knitting and crochet close because it will get them through all the challenges on the roller coaster ride through life. Find community and share as much as you can through your needlecraft. Thanks so much for the interview, Christine.

CafeCrochet: Thank you for your participation Marg! It's been wonderful! We'll have to do this again sometime! =)

Margaret Nock can also be found blogging on Knit 1 for the Road's Blog
Knit 1 for the Road is also available on

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